Holiday Dishes & Oreo Ball Recipe

Christmas Oreo Cookie Balls Recipe

Oreo Cookie Balls Recipe

The Holidays are just around the corner and Santa will be here before we know it! With that said, it’s time to start planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.

Three of my best, most requested, most talked about dishes are my Oreo Balls, chicken and dumplins, and green bean casserole.

Oreo Balls are always a classic! They are sweet, rich and have a truffle like center with an almond bark coating on the outside. I decided that this year, I want to decorate them. I tried my hand with a few sprinkles and some that were drizzled with homemade icing. I could not believe how simple the homemade icing was to make and color. I will be making some ‘fall colored’ ones using brown, orange and gold colored drizzle, and then the green and red for Christmas. You can find this easy recipe on one of my mini-blogs, Oreo Cookie Ball Recipe.

Now that you know three of my Holiday dishes, what are yours? Feel free to share your recipes, tips, and ideas for holiday recipes.