Elf On the Shelf

It wasn’t until last Christmas, 2011, that I first heard of Elf On the Shelf. At the time, Katelynn had just turned a year old so there was not much use for having one at our house. This year, however, she is two and I am planning on starting the Elf Om the Shelf tradition.  I’m sure she will not be old enough to fully comprehend the story behind it but she will enjoy looking for the Elf. Since you now get to choose between a girl or a boy elf, I think we will be going with the girl and the skirt. Collectible skirts are released each year so that will be a neat Christmas item to collect for the tradition. You can find Elf On the Shelf at Amazon along with accessories and the movies.

I’m curious to see how many of you do Elf On the Shelf… please share your tips and ideas for the rest of us ‘Elf On the Shelf Newbies’. I think it would be fun to see everyone’s own ideas for what to do with the elf.