Top Books Like Fifty Shades of Grey

Books Like Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy

Any Fifty Shades of Grey fans out there? Only a few million right? I must admit, I am a huge 50 Shades fan! I read the books in about a week and absolutely fell in love with Christian Grey.

Like the majority of women who came across the path of E. L. James and fell in love with her characters I had to have more! More awesome romance novels and more hot guys like Christian Grey and I found them! Yes, there are more- they really exist! Maybe not in real life but in more wonderful fantasy-tales. I have created my list of  Top Books Like Fifty Shades of Grey. I dare you to read them and then tell me that you didn’t find Gideon Cross just as hot, if not hotter, than Christian Grey!

And just a little side note for all my male blog subscribers…  I sincerely apologize for subjecting you to more Fifty Shades of Grey tidbits. I’m sure you only hear it mentioned about 293 times a day. On the plus side, I just wanted to share these few books and  I promise for all my men readers out there, I will not subject you to daily posts about Fifty Shades of Grey! 🙂 Just on occasion for the once in a blue moon post that I must share! 🙂