New Blog Challenge: 12 Days of Christmas Dinner

12 Days of Christmas Dinner Blog ChallengeImage Source: Deep South Dish: Christmas Recipes

12 Days of Christmas Dinner Blog Challenge
Image Source: Deep South Dish: Christmas Recipes

Up for a fun Christmas blog challenge? ‘The 12 Days of Christmas Dinner‘ blog challenge is a great way to share your favorite Christmas dinner recipes, traditions, memoirs and more. This challenge is open to anyone interested so feel free to share this post with your friends. You can start at anytime, though you will want to start by December 14th, to insure you challenge is completed no later than Christmas Day. For the sake of those wanting to all start on the same day, SoSimplyStephanie will begin the challenge on December 6th.

12 Days of Christmas Dinner Blog Challenge

Day #1: My Favorite Christmas Recipe

Day #2: A New Christmas Recipe

Day #3: Who Made the Best What?

Day #4: My Favorite Christmas Dessert

Day #5: Ham or Turkey?

Day #6: The Best Christmas Cookies

Day #7: Where is Christmas Dinner?

Day #8: Holiday Beverages

Day #9: Pass the Mashed Potatoes, Please!

Day #10: My Most Memorable Christmas Dinner

Day #11: Christmas Dinner Must-Haves

Day #12: This Year’s Christmas Dinner

12 Days of Christmas Dinner’ Blog Challenge Rules:

#1: Have Fun! This challenge is all about fun, sharing recipes and traditions, and getting to know each other a little more.

#2: If you would be so kind to link trackback to this post, it would be greatly appreciated. The reason for trackbacks is so that we can all enjoy each others recipes, traditions and ideas.

#3: Use photos when possible. If you use images from online sources please site them so that the original author gets the credit they deserve. You wouldn’t want someone to cut and copy your blog post as their own, would you?

#4: The daily titles are the topic… you can use that title or tweak it so that it goes better with your post. For example, Day #3: Who Made the Best What? Could be titled, Aunt Sally Always Made the Best Pecan Pies…

#5: If you use recipes found online, please link to them… again, give credit where credit is due!

#6: Every post may not have a recipe.You may not have Aunt Sally’s recipe but you can still talk about it, how you loved, what was so special about it, and well, tell us a little about Aunt Sally.

#7: Keep in mind, some of are new to blogging and some of us are experts… I, myself, do a lot of online writing and freelance work but never was able to get the hang and dedication required for blogging. With that in mind, I decided to come up with this challenge in order to have fun and create a routine to keep me going on my new blog. I hope you guys and gals all have fun!

#8: Have fun again!

Okay, that about sums it up. No special rules, just give credit where credit is due and have fun! Linking is not required but appreciated so that others can join the fun and see the requirements. You may post links, ping backs and trackbacks to my post for that day. If you are on a different day, please link it to the appropriate day. If we are on day #3 and you are on day #1, please link it to day #1.

Questions or suggestions? Post them here! If you plan on joining let me know so that I can be sure to follow your blog!