NickMom? Nick Jr. Watch Your Mouth!

Nickelodeon's NickMom launching 4th Quarter.  (PRNewsFoto/Nickelodeon)

What in the heck was Nickelodeon thinking when they came up with the idea of NickMom? Yeah, it sounded great with their ads talking about sharing recipes and being nice little house mommies, right? Seems like they were trying to copy the Disney Channel and throw a little something in for the moms. The only problem… Disney’s is a nice, clean, child-appropriate show, while NickMom is completely opposite.

Who the heck puts this kind of stuff on a preschool channel? I don’t need my 2 year old running around talking about ‘weenies (in the male form)’, ‘punching people in the throat’, ‘pot heads’ and ‘bitches’. Really Nickelodeon?

I’m appalled that you think it is okay to air stand up comedy with amateur comedians trying to crack jokes about ‘weenies’, ‘teeties’, ‘miserable bitches’ and the list goes on.

Not to mention the song that you play over and over “Clean the Hell Out of This House”. Yeah, not something I want my daughter running around dancing to. The fact that you have comedians saying they only had children for ‘souvenirs’ is another ballgame for another day.

I understand that the majority of American children raised in civilized homes are asleep by 10pm so I can see why you decided to change the program at that time. Did you ever consider that you chose 10pm  EST, so the kids who are just finishing their dinner on the West Coast at 7pm can no longer watch their favorite programs.What about the kids in Hawaii- 4pm? Instead of Team Umizoomi, they get to watch some lousy lady bash teachers and talking about calling someone an “A”, a “B”, and a “C” not that she would give an “F”, cause she told us that, too. Seriously? Seriously Nickelodeon?

The last thing I expect is to go from Dora to ding-dongs when I am paying for a channel subscription just to insure she has something appropriate to watch.

It wasn’t until it came on at 9pm tonight and I was putting my little girl to bed and realized it what it was all about. I was listening to it from the other room while putting her to sleep. Needless to say, the longer I listened the madder I got. As I write this, there is some lady on the show talking about sex and her grandmother.

I was looking up the NickMom website to see what they had on their site before I went on this rant, and I realized there is actually a website about taking NickMom off the air. In it’s infancy, just a week or so old, it’s already being bashed… and not just by me. You can read that petition on Apparently, major companies are not impressed and have began pulling their products and ads from the site.

I find it hard to believe that any children’s channel would find it appropriate to go from educational preschool to amateur Andrew Clay Dice.

For the readers,

Please feel free to post your own thoughts on NickMom being aired on a preschool channel.