Finally, it Feels Like Christmas in Florida!


The last two Christmas’ have been wet and gloomy… cold but gloomy. The few years before that were sunny but hot. This year, here it is, 4 days before Christmas and it was a bright sun shiny day filled with cold, crisp air! Finally, it feels like a normal Christmas for Florida. Unfortunately, I don’t know how long it will last as we are supposed to get rain on Monday and Tuesday.

Meanwhile, I am excited for Christmas to get here so that I can watch Katelynn’s face light up when she sees all her new toys, especially her new rocking horse. Since she is only two, this is her first real Christmas where she will get to open her own presents and actually know what they are! That alone makes it worth all the time spent in lines, saving money, trying to find the perfect gift and pulling my hair out fighting crowds! I am so thankful for my little girl and all of my family!