A Topsy Turvey Terra Cotta Planter

Topsy turvey planter made out of terracotta pots.

Topsy Turvey planter made out of terracotta pots.

I have wanted to build a few of these adorable topsy turvy terra cotta planters for quite some time now. I even purchased all the supplies last year but got around to it. I have decided since I have everything I will be getting it done this week! It has rained all day or else I would be out there putting it together right now.

I had originally wanted to do my topsy turvy planters a plain terra cotta color and do one on each side of the porch. Now, I am wondering if I should paint them. Painting will help retain moisture, and besides, the painted ones are too cute and the possibilities are endless.

I can’t decide whether to leave them plain, paint them a solid color or have fun and paint them different colors. What do you guys think?

The image above is from Home Stories A to Z , which includes a step-by-step tutorial with great pictures!

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Plain, unpainted terra cotta!

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